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People don't usually think much about light bulbs, but light bulbs help to create a look and an atmosphere in a room, due to both the shape of the bulb and the appearance of the light itself, whether the bulb emits light in a bold and assertive manner or is more subtle. Here at DMB Supplies Ltd, we have bulbs for all requirements and budgets, incluyding hard to find bubs, and our range includes:
  • Gold Ball Bulbs
  • General Light Service (GLS) Bulbs
  • Reflector Bulbs
  • Strip Light Bulbs
  • Flicker Flame Candle Bulbs
  • Halogen Light Bulbs

If you are unsure of which option is best for your specific requirements, please give us a ring on (01995) 640 565 or drop us a message via the contact page.


We appreciate the importance of quick delivery.


Our standard order turnaround time is 24-48 working hours Monday to Friday, unless detailed differently on special order listings.


In addition, many orders are dispatched on the same day as payment is received, or before 3pm if you choose the Express service.




DMB Supplies is a family owned and run electrical distributors, primarily supplying the electrical trade and retail throughout the UK (although members of the public and people outside the UK are welcome to make a purchase). Our internet mail order service is based in Brock just outside Preston, Lancashire and receives and processes orders from all over the world. You can find more about our business by visiting our About Us page.

We only supply branded, quality electrical goods that meet all the safety requiements. Our aim is to offer quality goods at competitive pricing and an efficient service.


To discuss your requirements, please get in touch.


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